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Monday, February 1, 2016

Work Injury Lawyer in Ottawa | Joseph Obagi Personal Injury Lawyer

Great 5 Star Review - Connolly Obagi LLP Personal Injury Lawyers Ottawa

If you have had a work injury in the Ottawa area and have been given the run around from your employer and or insurance company, it is time to be seeking some help. Finding someone who is actually working with your best interests in mind can be a challenge. Especially when you thought you had support in the first place.. ( your insurance company)
This video tells us a bit about one family's experience when they went looking for help. They were lucky that they ended up in the offices of Joseph Obagi, who is among the top 10 personal injury lawyers across Canada and the best one in litigation for the city of Ottawa in 2015. Workplace accidents, car accidents any kind of injury coming out of a situation may have a case for proper support.
The job of a workplace injury lawyer is to look at the situation and the numbers and see if it will work. Having a great lawyer like Joseph Obagi who is not afraid to go to court to fight for his clients is about the best thing you could do. The insurance companies are really only there to serve themselves. They never like to acknowledge fault so many people are cut off and left with nothing. Their families fall apart, their physical, mental and emotional health go down the tubes. They are left barely surviving their situation. 
Watch the video and then call Connolly Obagi LLP to see if they can help you with your work injury case. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain just by asking for a consultation.
What is interesting about work accident claims is that if a personal injury lawyer takes you on as a client, you do not have to take on the expense until the end of the court proceedings or settlement. A good lawyer will not take you on if the case has no foundation. If a law firm is going to invest thousands of dollars upfront, you know that they are high % certain they will win.
Call and ask for a meeting with Joseph Obagi (613) 683-2246.
Tell him you saw the video.