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Monday, December 2, 2013

Car Sales Techniques to Sell More Cars

Selling more cars is top of mind for any car dealership and car sales person. Automotive dealers spend millions on advertising both online and offline to get their brand out in front of everyone all the time.

Sometimes, honing in the profssional skills a sales team needs gets a great ROI as well. While new media is all about extending your reach to gain trust and visibility as a market leader, the personal skills of connecting and relating to the customer is what will convert sales leads in the end. It is essential for sales people to always be honing in their skills.

This video with Broadway performer Cindy Ashton, is a spoken voice trainer and coach that helps businesses boost their bottom line profits through voice training.

Tips to Sell More Cars

Cindy demonstrates specific exercises to do to ensure you are magnetic rather than repelling to your prospects. She works with people to get out of their stress and into their bodies to free the speaking voice. When this is accomplished people speak with ease and come accross as trustworthy.

After working with Cindy, business owners and corporate sales teams see immediate results in their conversions and customer satisfaction.

If you want to sell more cars in your Ottawa dealership, listen carefully or even contact Cindy and she will have you rockin it in no time. The car sales techniques are in the video so make sure you watch it all. You may even find a pot of gold at the end.

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