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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sales Tips With Lisa Larter | The Sales Pilot

Learn about accelerating your business growth by putting in the right sales strategies to meet your business goals with +Lisa Larter 

Last Spring Lisa launched The Pilot Project to help entrepreneurs get her teachings on the foundations of building a business at an easy to access price point. It was a great success. In response to her students, she has created a session on content creation (The Content Pilot) and is now creating one on Sales (The Sales Pilot)

Lisa started selling since she was a young girl to be able to purchase things she wanted beyond the abilities of her family. She then went on to a very successful career in retail and then business ownership. In a few short years, she went to build her Telus store into revenues of over a million.

Lisa was an early adopter of new technology as she sought out ways to get a better ROI for her advertising dollars for her store and has since expanded into being an international social media marketing consultant, speaker and author. She brings her expertise in retail sales and business building to all the clients she takes on and many have gone on to win awards in their sectors from the increased sales success they have developed working under Lisa's guidance.

Sales is about rapport building so that you can better serve those that are your potential customer. Serving is about helping them make a decision to buy or not, depending on their wants and need.

Being good at sales, is a skill set that can be learned through practice and good mentorship.

To find out more about the Sales Pilot and what Lisa has to say about sales you can go here http://rebeccahappy/sales

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