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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Underground Party: Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect Tools for Being Social:

You may have noticed I just added Google Friend Connect to my blog. I have heard about Google Friend Connect for months and joined many of them on other people’s web sites and blogs. I even mentioned it on my Squidoo Lens "Who Is Rebecca Happy?" that I wrote a few moths back. I am thrilled to finally try it out myself from the installer’s perspective.

First things first. What is
Google Friend Connect?
With the take off of social media sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter The web has been transformed. How people communicate online is changing our lives daily.
Social media has allowed people to tell website owners what they think, want and need. They can easily share info with their friends across the platform. This left traditional website owners lacking.

Google developers saw the need to develop social capacities for web developers so website owners could compete with the big social media sites named above. They came up with the widget Google Friend Connect. It can be installed very easily with a few cut and pastes and clicks of the button. Even for the non-techie it is pretty easy to figure out. In fact there are 3,000,000 of these widgets across the web today.

Google Friend Connect adds the social features to traditional web 1.0 sites. This way people can join your site/blog and engage more deeply with the content and the other visitors.
They can add comments and generate discussions. They can rate and review and give feedback to the site/blog owner. When they find a site/blog they like they can tell all their friends across other
social networks about it very easily as it is set up with an openeID.

This is great for site/blog owners. They can respond directly and adapt to the needs of their community and keep viewers coming back. It is kind of like the office water cooler. When visitors join others sites your site is carried along with them inside their head adding to the viral effect of spreading info. This can also generate more traffic to your site.

Simon U Ford describes it as
Google’s Internet subway.

Click on this Video to get a better idea of where
Google is going with this.

There are indications that there will be a big influence on search engine rankings not far into the future.
Social may just have something to do with it.

Please join my
Google Friend Connect community and say hello.

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